Well, here we are. After 365 days of hammering away at keys, pasting pictures from Google images and dealing with accusations of pomposity on Twitter, The Equaliser has arrived at its first birthday (a day of celebration shared with other such luminaries as Benoît Assou-Ekotto and The Undertaker) with arthritic fingers and only moderately impaired vision.

So, as I sit here eating non-existent slices of cake and blowing out metaphorical candles, I thought I’d take a minute to say thank-you to everyone who has visited and contributed to the site over the last year, not to mention those who have been sources of great encouragement and/or provided sage and timely advice on occasion.

The success of the blog has come as something of a surprise to me (I only set this up to practice my writing with little expectation that anyone but perhaps my parents and dyslexic Edward Woodward fans would find their way to this isolated corner of the world wide web), but I genuinely couldn’t be happier with the way things have turned out over the last twelve months.

That said, I don’t want the blog to rest on its laurels and I hope that The Equaliser’s second year of life will see a further improvement in the quality of the content provided. I honestly don’t know where I’m going with this, it’s just a hobby really, but I’ve got a few ideas as to how to keep things interesting, so as long as people continue to enjoy reading then I will be more than happy to write.

Again, thanks to all who visit and contribute, it’s you who make the blog what it is and I hope that things continue to go from strength to strength in the coming months.

All the best,