‘Decade by Decade’ is a project which I hope will combine my own writing with contributions from readers in order to create an archive of material relating to each decade in football from the 1930s onwards.

My intention is for each month to feature a different decade (January the 1930s, February the 1940s and so on), and for there to be two or three articles a week focussing on the footballing themes of the time, hopefully tying in some historical and cultural references as we go. So, if you have a specific interest in a particular era and could provide a well-written, informative and esoteric piece, then I’d love to hear from you.

1930s: Chapman and Arsenal’s Golden Age; When Italy weren’t the Azzurri; Sindelar and the ‘Wunderteam’; The man they called ‘Dixie’; Scottish football in review; When Wales ruled Britannia; Pentland’s Lions of Bilbao.

1940s: In memory of Il Grande Torino; Bob Jackson’s Pompey; Football and the Norwegian Resistance; While Europe burned; Zamora, Franco and Atletíco Aviación.

1950s: The Mighty Magyars; Fever, Calcio and the Danish; Tripping the light fantastic; ‘O Rei’ and the defiance of understandingThe tragedy of Munich; One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest; Post-war football and the creation of the teenager.

1960s: La Grande Inter; The nomad’s curse; Kansas City Spurs, glory and oblivion; God’s footballer; B.S. Johnson – The man who should have filmed ’66.

1970s: The most beautiful goal; The Oranje revolution; The match that never was; Death in the afternoon.

1980s: Justin Fashanu and the meaning of the goal; Le Carré Magique; A tale of two teams; Boom, bust and regeneration in US soccer; Hillsborough; When the Crazy Gang met the Culture Club.

1990s: Denmark’s European Adventure; Keegan’s Entertainers; Reminiscences of a Scot in the Nineties; World Cup ’94 and the Footprint of the World’s Game; Remembering Euro ’96; Dejan Savicevic and the Definition of Genius; When the Fans Lost the Players; C.I.S. and the Transformation of Eastern Europe; The Treble; The Sky Revolution.

2000s: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galacticos; The Mayfly; The Power of Anfield; Istanbul; Fratelli d’Italia; Learning to Love MLS.