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by Suhail Seedat

It was the night which saw Liverpool born again. The 25th of May 2005 is now synonymous with the European Cup’s most marvellous and fairy tale. Despite the great lustre and rich history surrounding Liverpool, the side were a distant second best to Carlo Ancelotti’s AC Milan boasting some of the best world’s greatest talents. Indeed, the route to Istanbul for Liverpool contained enough twists and turns for the Kopites to perhaps feel it was their team’s destiny to march on and claim their fifth European Cup. Read the rest of this entry »

by Danny Norton

In the UK in the early May of 2005, there was a clash between two different ideologies, cultures and backgrounds as Liverpool played Chelsea in the Champions League semi-final second-leg at Anfield. A few days later there was a general election. Although it was a match low on technical excellence and even tactical nous, the drama of the night more than made up for it. Read the rest of this entry »

by Peter Simpson

I don’t remember a time when footballers were within reach. I don’t reminisce about a time when a footballer was ‘one of us’ or remember a time when you’d see your team’s star player in his local butcher’s or propping up a bar next to your dad and his mates. My dad remembers regularly seeing Alan Hansen having a pint in The Pinewoods in Formby. To me, footballers have always been distant, untouchable celebrities possessing a talent and aura that commands adulation from millions around the globe (perhaps similar to the way your great grandma thought of Rudolph Valentino). I don’t expect players to live in the real world or to identify with us. Read the rest of this entry »

by Tom Nash

The words uttered by John Motson after the final whistle of the 1988 FA Cup final will live long in the memory of every football fan: “…and the Crazy Gang have beaten the Culture Club”. The phrase summed the occasion up perfectly. This unfashionable, physical and small club had beaten genuine giants of the game, Wimbledon denying Liverpool a second domestic double in three years. It was a Liverpool side which boasted a wealth of talent, including Peter Beardsley, Steve Nicol, Steve McMahon, Alan Hansen and Footballer of the Year John Barnes. Wimbledon’s players were, by-and-large, unheard of until that famous afternoon of 14th May 1988. Read the rest of this entry »

by Annie Eaves

I’m a United supporter. I’m from Manchester, well Salford to be precise.

I don’t like Liverpool. That’s the plan isn’t it? The script we all adhere to. Something only people from one of the two cities could understand. Our city is better than yours, yes you have the river and easy access to a beach but we’re Manchester. We started the industrial revolution, we invented the computer, we split the first atom. You played a major part in the slave trade. Read the rest of this entry »